Sunday, November 26, 2006

nothing to report.

bored at work. birthday and thanksgiving came and went. presently looking for extra work. radio definitely, sometime, maybe an unpaid internship, a foot in the door; lately looking into substitute teaching. drooled over podcasting equipment last night, balked at price, then held successful, lo-fi test with itunes and laptop's internal mic. squealed with glee. hooked up internet at home, downloaded ton of movies, currently working way through them. also treated self to an itunes season pass of avatar: the last airbender, season two. loving every minute. discovered furniture shopping incites madness, serves as reminder you have no money, you spent it all moving in the first place. rent, bills and christmas will surely illicit twice the insanity. want to write more but feel uninspired. when inspired, don't want to write. daydreamt of a boy with wings, sketched it in notepad during a dell production meeting. was highlight of day.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

p.s. new address

1200 W 40th st
apt 234
austin, TX

south austin

is so cool. i'm at a new coffeehouse, which, through eavesdropping on numerous conversations with the barista and customers, just had its grand opening this past friday. it's set up in the coolest business plaza i've ever seen. tattoo shop, body piercing, mexican place, jewelry store, and this coffee shop all in the same building, with sculpture-filled backyard for everyone out back. irie bean. remember the name and remind me to take you when you're here.

i just "switched" to the new, beta version of blogger. the type looks funny. does my type look funny? smaller. that's okay with me. i had apparently turned on comment moderation earlier in this blog's lifespan, and had a bazillion comments waiting for me to approve. sorry. i approved them all and turned moderation off, so keep commenting. i'm a crazy loon who constantly needs your approval.

i've spent the morning looking at furniture online. i've already got lauren on the case, but if you have a few minutes and want to help me, go for it! lauren has me looking at dania. do you guys know any other cool home furnishings place? if you've ever seen my dad's place, i'm aiming to beat him at cozy-contemporary (sorry dad!). i'm in the market for a bed, and a kitchen table. and a coffee table. but that kitchen table is crucial, all of my best nights have been spent sitting at one, doing tequila shots and talking shit. an ikea opened up just north of the city over the weekend. i know tyler durden wouldn't approve, but they really do have some cool, cheap ware. my "osaka" futon from texas futon king comes this afternoon. color me excited.

i also hit up all my blogs and pillaged this last week's worth of new music. and scouted out some primo finds on emusic. not that i'm trying to sell you on it, i know i used to be an iTunes diehard, but -- emusic has a ton of independent artists, and adds newer and older albums every day. and comes out to be cheaper than iTunes, per song. aaaand... if you sign up for the free trial (i did once and ended up keeping the thing) with this link, i get free downloads too. shameless, i know. do it anyway.

in other news, my dad's taking me to vegas. tomorrow. just booked the flight a couple of hours ago. actually, i botched booking the flight. i don't know how, but i booked two flights from vegas to austin. two returning flights! i had a bunch of windows open, wasn't paying attention and was only thinking "cheap," and booked two returning flights... i'm a moron. but i'm going to fix it. hopefully. vegas, baby! vegas!!

the job is great. overwhelming but great. it's really an interesting place to work, dell inc. michael dell is a very, very smart man. steve jobs, if you're reading, i'll totally be your inside man. just give me the word.

i've been at irie bean for a few hours now, and get the feeling i'm overstaying my welcome. i've been courteous, though, and ordered a couple of drinks while i've been here. but this rasta music is getting to me (yeah, rasta!), and i'm itching to get home and clean up before the futon king arrives.

so i'm out. help me find a table!

Friday, November 10, 2006

looking forward, looking back.

I'm sitting inside the street-facing window of The Hideout, a downtown Austin cafe/theatre. I parked a few blocks away and just started walking, determined to find free wifi and good coffee somewhere near. And here I am. The shop has a small stage in front for poets and songwriters, and a tiny, blackbox theatre in the back. Pretty cool place. I bought a futon earlier today, shower curtain, toilet paper, etc. Now I'm just killing time in this beautiful city, trying to feel my way around. Playing by ear.

I gave myself the day off yesterday. Just a "me" day, a disappearing day. Moved into my place Wednesday eve, ordered in, and pretty much slothed around for the next 24 hours. My landlord, Steve, did wake me up around 9:00 to say that carpet cleaners would be in, and I'd probably have to scram for a couple of hours while their work dried. No big deal. I sat out in my car and smoked cigarettes while reading the first book I could reach in my crowded backseat -- Adam Rapp's Stone Cold Dead Serious. Which is not only my favorite-play-ever, but will soon be starring best friends Colleen and Ryan, in Champaign and Chicago, respectively. I smoked and read (and cried at all the same parts), as this Austin sun rose lazily into the sky, and Ben Gibbard and M. Ward sang to me from el stereo. When I finished reading, I grabbed one more armload from my trunk and retreated upstairs, where I stayed for the rest of the day. I think the past two weeks simply caught up with me, timed perfectly with the arrival of my newfound safehaven, and as I finally let my guard down, exhaustion set in. I slept almost all day, rousing for the occasional mini-marathon of Avatar or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But I woke up early this morning raring to go, and finished moving my stuff from my car to the empty apartment. I bathed in my new tub, and set out into a young, humid morning.

Written two days ago from Pacha, my new neighborhood cafe:

Woke up at 3:00 a.m. for work today. Shuffled through my morning routine in as little light and as quietly as possible, so as to not wake Josie and Hayden, my big-hearted, big-bellied lesbian hosts for the past few days. As reluctant as my motor skills were so early in the day, I had a mid-afternoon move to look forward to. After living out of my car -- which was packed to the ceiling with my personal effects -- since last Thursday, I get to move into my own place. The girls have been wonderful to the point of spoiling me, with food and entertainment. But the idea of finally having my own space to claim, my own air to breathe, had me excited enough to emotionally bypass the rest of the would-be long day. Today is a very happy day.

around noon, lunchtime, the gods smiled and i got out of work early. tim, my training supervisor, said we'd done about as much as we could, and turned me loose. it'd been a good morning and i learned a lot, but i still couldn't get my mind off of that cute little apartment i signed for yesterday. it's in what austin calls the medical district -- a lot of practices, lot of grad students, nurses. there's a park just a few blocks away, with tiny homes and small streets surrounding. it's north of the university of texas, too north to run into the campus crowd. and not but a bus ride from downtown, or a long walk, whichever strikes your fancy. the temperature hasn't dropped below 55 since i've been here. it's at least 80 degrees today.

on the walk from my apartment building to the bolivian coffee shop i've befriended down the road, one of the sidewalk squares says, in black tar or paint, "in love."

me too, man. me too.

I keep wanting to call my landlord Sal, instead of Steve, because he reminds me so much of someone in Sopranos. Big guy, round guy, with a Brooklyn accent that sticks out like a thumb in Austin. When he was finishing up my unit, I stopped by and he was limping -- he wouldn't say what from, but I like to think he was running from the scene of a hit, and just isn't as young as he used to be.

Here's the only picture of my apartment I can find online. I bought a disposable camera today, and a pack of thank you cards, so if you think you're one of my ten closest friends or fam, expect a personal note and picture sometime soon.

Cute place, huh? It's quiet, in a quaint little neighborhood. Park nearby. I really like it.

And this is for Lauren, who is unnecessarily sad and mopey today, despite deserving the world. I've been meaning to share a Calvin story with you, but never got around to it. From an older blog:

FURIOUS! (01-28-2005 10:21 AM)

my horoscope today says i'm furious. i think that's rather presumptious of the stars, prescribing my own temperament. truth be told, i think i'm more at peace than i've been in a long time. it's in the eyes. i walk by my reflection and see these two tiny blue rings, as crisp as they might have been in junior high. innocent again. youthful. my skin has a glow, though that might be oil of olay. heh. living in a girls' house has its perks.

but i know it's not lotion. and i know i'm not furious.

again, a bit of a late start, but morgan and i got up early today and grocery shopped, then i made breakfast while she curled her hair, took her to class, put everything else away, rearranged the freezer... and caught the end of another movie on sundance. i'm addicted. it's a new vice.

movie a day, that's the cure, i say. i think we're going to see a movie-movie tonight, morgan and the girls and their guys. and nick, hopefully. he's got the night off and a blonde brit in town, and i miss him. goddamnit.

kalvin the lovebird is crunching millet seeds in his cage. the repeated click, click of the seed breaking in his beak is surprisingly calming. some of my favorite parts of the day are spent talking back and forth with kal, watching him bounce about from perch to perch, swing himself around the makeshift playground we put together with hangers above morgan's closet mirror. he's most beautiful when he stretches, balancing on a single leg and pulling a wing behind him and fanning it out wide, morphing into a green and orange eagle. right now he's back on the playground and kissing his reflection. sometimes, when he likes me, he'll flutter down to the top of the computer monitor, and then jump across to my head. he sleeps upside down, bat-like.

best of all, he came with an order of cheeseballs.

as I sit on the porch a bird begins
to serenade me from a tree nearby in
the dark.

it is a mockingbird.
I am in love with mockingbirds.

I make bird sounds.
he waits.
then he makes them back.

he is so good that I laugh.

we are all so easily pleased,
all of us living things.

as i type i'm laughing, too. kalvin is playing on my arm.

I miss that guy. I miss you guys. Keep central Illinois alive for me, deal?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

brother man!

as i sit listening to your last
saturday night radio show i can't
help but think i won't listen to
the radio much after you're gone.
having you as a friend these past
two years has meant the world to
me. with birds flying out windows,
furniture attached to the ceiling
and satellites falling from the
sky, we kept our cool through it
all. and in another life we were
probably drug buddies. but not this
life my friend. here we kept our
heads held high and our wallets
well padded. from city to city we
live seeking adventure and friendly
faces. i picture you walking the
warm winter streets of austin
wearing a cowboy hat and belt
buckle and i envy you my friend.
it's been a goddamn pleasure having
you as a roommate and a friend.
we've had some great times together.
i know you'll make friends quick
and get the ball of crazy rolling
right away down in austin. my
only advice is don't take any shit
from those warm-blooded bastards
and never look to your past too often.
i love you man. i'll be down there
drinking lonestars with you soon enough.

just putting this someplace for safekeeping.