Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Re: Hum's song "Stars" in Cadillac commercial

this was too good not to share. there's another one out too, but i can't find it on youtube. both ads -- this one, and "hammer" -- are up here.

tracking it down was half as fun as watching the thing. realizing the first source google finds is the first place i should have looked, i know better -- openingbands.com, the community local music portal back in champaign. and these guys are all having similarly crazed reactions (mine was a verbal "holy shit!")...
Re: Hum's song "Stars" in Cadillac commercial
They did make good use of that short clip. Actually gave me shivers a bit.
me too, baby. what a good commercial. what a simple, guilty pleasure. openingbands thread.

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